We offer our books in PDF, MP3, EPUB and MOBI formats.

Most of the eBooks we offer can be viewed on multiple devices. If you download the eBook file to your computer, you can then copy it to a portable eReader, Kindle, Nook, Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, or another smartphone. Keep reading for more information on which format is best for you.

  • PDFs

    can be opened on any PC or MAC with the free PDF software and on many smartphones.

  • MP3

    can be opened to be listened to on most devices including PC or MAC and on many smartphones.

  • EPUB

    is a format compatible with many smartphones and eReader devices, including Amazon Kindle.

Can I Share My eBook Files?

When you purchase an eBook, that copy is designed for your own personal use. While you can copy an eBook file for use on another device you own, such as a portable eReader or smartphone, you cannot share copies with other people. You also cannot sell used eBooks; ownership is yours only, and cannot be transferred.

Most of our eBooks are sold without DRM and can easily be copied to up to six devices. You cannot share these eBooks with other people, however. Our non-DRM eBooks are embedded with personalized watermarks that help us identify any unauthorized copies found online.

To protect against unauthorized copying, some of the eBooks we sell as PDFs include digital rights management (DRM) technology. This technology limits the use of the purchased eBook(s) to a maximum of six devices. Adobe Digital Editions is required to view these DRM-protected files.